Friday, June 5, 2015

Free tutorial: Adding suspenders to vintage style knickers

Finally, I am happy to share with you the remarkably easy process of adding suspenders to your vintage style knickers!

This tutorial is for removable suspenders, so you can still wear your vintage knickers on those days that you don’t feel like wearing those thigh-high stockings.

What you will need to accomplish this:

4 x brassier sliders
4 x suspender grips
4 x slide on suspender hooks
4 x 30cm / 12 inch lengths of 1.5cm / 5/8” wide lingerie elastic, or wide enough to fit your sliders, grips and hooks of choice.
Your newly made vintage style knickers (click on the button to the right of the blog to go to my online store to purchase your easy to follow pattern)


Mark the position of your suspenders on your knickers with pins. In the front it will be at the bottom of the front seams. The back section will be exactly in line with these seams.


Cut 2cm / ¾” piece of elastic from each of your 30cm / 12 inch elastic lengths. Fold in half to form a loop and pin in place along the positions you marked in step 1.

This is the loop that the hook for your suspenders will slide onto.


With the longer lengths of elastic, loop one end over the centre part of your brassier slider and stitch into place.


Along the right side / top side of the lingerie elastic, slide down your suspender grips.


Slide the open end of the elastic through the brassier slider, right side of elastic facing upwards.


Loop the open end of the elastic over the closed end of the suspenders hook and stitch into place.

You can now hook your suspenders onto your vintage style knickers and they are ready to wear!

How incredibly easy was that? Doesn’t it just inspire you to make sexy lingerie to wear every day? And all of us ladies know, when our underwear makes us feel good, we tend to have wonderful, confident days! Why not make yourself a pair of vintage style knickers to wear every day, and face the world knowing that you are a beautiful, strong and confident woman!

Enjoy and Happy Sewing!

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