Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Bath and Beauty

There is nothing quite like a pamper session to lift our spirits, which is why we have dedicated this week’s blog posts to all the little goodies we can use to make our pamper sessions even more luxurious.

Here’s a tip to all our eco-warrior, planet friendly fans – the powder puffs created in today’s Free tutorial are also AMAZING for re-usable make up remover pads. Make yourself, your friends and families a few of these to help reduce waste from continuously buying cotton pads.

Scroll down for our FREE really EASY powder puff tutorial

Patterns of the week

Our Mini Under Dress makes for the perfect night gown too... make it in a light weight knit fabric, feel good while you're sleeping too

The Perfect Match

Or make a matching sleep set with our Strappy-T sewing pattern and our Vintage style knickers sewing pattern

Sewing finds of theweek

We have just fallen in love with this tartan travelsewing kit available on Etsy through StitchKits. A Travel sewing kit is an essential must have for those sewing emergencies, and why not save the day in style with this adorable kit.

Make in a Day Sewing Kits

We just love these quick and easy projects to practice our sewing skills, have a look and grab a few yourself.


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Tutorial of the week

Create your own powder puff

Since the little sponges that come with face powders tend to disintegrate before your powder, this makes an exceptionally good idea. A gently, soft powder puff.

It also makes a great stocking filler (the festive season is just around the corner), match it up with our cute, really easy drawstring bagsewing pattern, to make a really gorgeous and functional gift for the women, and little princesses in your life. Or just as a general pamper gift for someone in your life.

What you will need

10cm / 4” square of fabric
10cm / 4” square of faux / teddy bear fur
10cm / 4” square of hard iron on interfacing
10cm / 4” length of ribbon for the back


  1. On the non-glue side of your interfacing, mark out a circle of 10cm / 4” length across and cut out. Mark an inner circle of 1xm / 3/8”, this will be your seam line

  1. With the glue side of your interfacing against the wrong side of your fabric, use your interfacing to cut out your fabric, attach together by using a hot iron, or basting along the edges.

  1. Across the middle of the back of your fabric circle, place your length of ribbon. Baste the edges into place and trim away excess ribbon

  1. Use your fabric circle, to measure out and cut your faux fur. Wrong sides facing, joining the sections together sewing along your marked seam allowance. Leave a gap of around 2.5cm / 1” to allow you to be able to turn your powder puff right way out.

  1. Turn your powder puff right way out, and use an invisible hand stitch to sew the opening closed. Press for neatness.

Your new powder puff is ready to use

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ballet Essentials

Every ballerina has those essential small things they require to keep their muscles warmer during the cooler months, especially to help prevent injuries... and it really does complete their look... of course we are talking about a good pair of leg warmers and a matching headband to keep those ears warm too.

Pattern of the week

This pack includes two knitting patterns is for stylish leg warmers and a matching headband.

Keep your ankles and ears warm this winter with this stylish, easy to make set of knitting patterns, make them in an assortment of colors to suit your winter wardrobe.

Sizes included in the instructions:
Age 6-9 years
Age 10 to adult

Find of the week


This week’s find is a crochet app I came across in my Play Store, called Learn Crochet. It really has helped me to gain a better understanding for beginning crochet. It is filled with helpful tools and tips, and even how to tutorials and crochet patterns. If you are a complete novice to crochet, then this is definitely an app worth having a look at.

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Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Inner Ballerina

We all have an inner ballerina, or have a ballerina in our lives that we love. This week we are celebrating them (and us) by doing all things ballet.

So whether it’s for fun, or if your are a serious ballerina, you will love what we have to offer.

Pattern of the week

Create the perfect tutu, made to fit any size with just a few easy steps. This tutorial guides you through the simple process of creating a tutu designed to specifically fit your body.

Find of the week

This is so incredibly cute, that we just had to share it with you. Available in Kelly's Magnets Etsy Store

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Tutorial of the week

Ballet Bag Applique

We know ballerinas need bags to carry all their essential kit around, well we have discovered that our really easy beach bag sewing pattern was perfect just for this purpose. Below is the tutorial to add a little ballet flair with some easy appliqué, for you to decorate your own kit bag or for the ballerina in your life.

What you will need
1 meter / 1 yard ribbon
A4 page size piece of fabric
Fabric / appliqué glue
Sewing needle and thread.
The below template of the ballet slipper 
  1. After creating your bag, it is now ready to be decorated (for the pattern and instruction, please click here for more information)
  2. Print and cut out the ballet slipper template that way have provided for you.
  3. Use your template to cut out two ballet slippers from the fabric you chose (in my example I’ve used organza).
  4. Position the slippers in place on your bag and pin into place.

  1. Once your slippers are in place, apply fabric / appliqué glue around the edges, joining them to your bag, and leave to dry.
  2. Cut your ribbon into four equal sections (2 sections for each decorative slipper).
  3. Pin the first one in a zigzag over your slipper, and the second over that.

  1. Hand stitch the ribbon into place at the points where it touches the slipper.

  1. With the excess ribbon, tie a bow, position the bow on your bag and hand stitch into place.

Your new ballet bag is now ready to use!

Happy Sewing! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Something for the knitters (Knitter's Wrist Bag Pattern & Tutorial)

After a twitter poll last week, we discovered that our followers love to knit too... at least half of you in fact. So we have been inspired to start offering basic knitting patterns too.

We are also currently running a twitter promotion! As soon as we reach 1,000 followers we will give one of our lucky followers a $20 coupon to spend in our Etsy Pattern Store and for every 1,000 milestone we reach thereafter, we will be giving away another $10 coupon to a lucky follower.

Pattern of the week

Here it is... our first knitting pattern, and there are many more to come!

Keep your ears warm with this stylish headband. Follow this really easy knitting pattern and make yourself a few in an assortment of colors to suit your winter wardrobe.

Find of the week

This week we thought we would share a few crafts and classes for the knitters and crochet fans among us:


If you have an Etsy store that sells physical sewing / knitting / crochet products and notions, and would like to feature them with us on social media, or in our blog, please click on the image for more information.

Tutorial of the week

Knitters Wrist Bag

This is the tutorial for our knitter's wrist bag, you can download the PATTERN HERE!

What you will need
* 50cm / 0.55 yards of fabric (I would suggest a woven, non-stretch fabric)
* 50cm / 0.55 yards of lining
* 2 x 10mm / 0.40" eyelets with washers
* Sewing thread to match

Step 1: Cut out your fabric and lining sections and transfer any necessary markings
Step 2: With right side facing, sew along the bottom seam of the fabric and lining pieces (separately)

Step 3: At the top of the strap, fold over the fabric / lining towards the wrong side, along the folding line and press into place.

Step 4: With right sides facing, attach the lining to the main fabric of the bag, stitching along the side seams. Clip the seam along the curve of the wrist strap.

Step 5: Turn bag right way out, and push lining into the inside of the bag. At the wrist strap, make sure one side is folded inwards, along the fold line, and the other is out.

Insert the side with the raw edge, into the side with the folded seam, lining up the pressed seam lines and pin into place. Top stitch along the seam, as close to the edge as possible, join the wrist strap.

Step 6: Top stitch along the edge of the side seams, about 5mm / 1/8" from the edge.

Step 7: Insert the eyelets at the marking on the wrist strap.

Your knitter's wrist bag is now ready to use... Happy Knitting!

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Happy Knitting & Sewing!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Tea Time

I just love my herbal teas, I’m always going out into the garden, picking fresh herbs, such as mint and ginger and brewing myself a cup of delicious tea. My biggest downfall though is that I often forget about my pot of freshly brewed tea, and before I know I have an ice cold pot of tea waiting for me. Which is what has inspired me to create the last two sewing tutorials for this set of cosies.

They are also running in line with our August Sewing challenge, feel free to create your very own and share them with is on twitter @MySewingPattern. For more information on our sewing challenge click here.

Pattern of the week

This patterns is so quick and easy, you can make a couple of them in time for a romantic weekend away (why not use our ladies thong pattern and sew a gorgeous matching set).

Half of the romance is feeling confident and looking good, and this cute little negligee can help you to achieve just that.

Sewing find of the week

I just love this cute little needle case from the Etsy storeFantooshBySonia.

A pretty little handmade vintage style fabric needle case, perfect for storing sewing needles. This would make an ideal gift for a crafting friend or loved one, or even as a treat for yourself.

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Tutorial of the week

Sewing a Teapot Cosy

Inspired by last week’s tea-cup cosy, this week we figured that we would give you the tutorial to make the matching teapot cosy.

This cosy is for a small teapot (1-2 cup size), that doesn’t have a spout.
What you will need:
Fabric the width of 25cm / 10” by 115cm / 45” or 150cm / 60” length of fabric.
Fleece the width of 25cm / 10” for 150cm length or the width of 30cm / 12” for a 115cm length
Decorative button of your choosing
Sewing thread to match
A4 sheet of cardboard

Step 1: On your sheet of cardboard at the top two corners, from each corner, down and across, mark a length of 3 cm / 1”.
Using these markings draw a line, joining them and along this line cut off the corners. Find the centre point of your page and make a marking, this will be the pattern marking that indicates where you will attach your decorative button.
You have now created your basic pattern for your teapot cosy.

Step 2: Using your newly made pattern piece, cut 2 pieces of fabric.

Step 3: Using your two cut sections of fabric, with wrong sides facing down, use the sections of fabric to cut out 2 sections of fleece. This will act as your backing, to give your cosy the extra padding it needs to help keep your tea nice and hot.

Attach the fleece to the fabric section by basting around the edges.

Step 4: From the top corners, down the bottom corners sew a top stitch. This acts as a decorative quilting and also prevents the fleece backing from moving unnecessarily.
Join these two fabric sections together, right sides facing, by sewing along the top and side seams. Turn the right way out.
Attach your decorative button to the right side of the fabric, as the previously marked center of the top seam.
Step 5: Use your pattern to cut out two more sections of fleece.
With right sides facing, sew along the top and side sections, joining the two pattern piece together.
Step 6: Insert the fabric section of the teapot cosy into the fleece lining, with right sides of fabric facing, until the bottom seam lines match up.
Join the lining to the fabric by sewing along the bottom seam, leaving open a space of about 5cm / 2” where you can pull the cosy through so that it is right way out.

Step 7: Once you have turn the teapot cosy the right way out, push the fleece lining into the cosy, and top stitch along the bottom seam, closing the opening and finishing off your teapot cosy.
You’re teapot cosy is now ready to use, enjoy!

Happy Sewing!