Monday, December 26, 2016

A New Year, A New You!

New year, new you, sewing pattern, sewing project, sewing course
I can barely believe this is my last post for 2016. In a way though, I am glad to have this year soon behind us, and I am ready to start a brand new year filled with brand new possibilities and brand new projects.
We have so many exciting new sewing patterns being launched, as well as our Basic Sewing Course, and we can’t wait to get started with the new year! 
What a great way to get started on a new wardrobe, a new look - and to get to learn some new kick ass sewing skills!
 To celebrate all things new, everybody who purchase a sewing pattern subscription between 26 and 31 December 2016, will receive for FREE, an invitation to complete our Basic Sewing Course being launched at the end of January 2017
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What the Sewing Pattern Subscription Includes:

  • Every month, on the 25th of the month, you will receive a pack of 4 brand new patterns
  • Every Friday you will receive a brand new pattern with our weekly newsletter
  • A total of 100 brand new sewing patterns over the course of a year
  • Sign up by 31 December 2016, and receive free access to our Basic Sewing Course
  • You can choose between 3 payment options to suit your pocket
    • Pay $2.99 per month for 12 months
    • A once off payment of $29.99
    • Try our 3 month trial subscription – Pay only $8.99 and give our sewing patterns a try for three months.
This week's sewing pattern going out to subscribers is for these Yoga Pants - a great way to start a New Year with a New You! 
 learn to sew, basic sewing, basic sewing course

Happy Sewing!

Monday, December 19, 2016

The Last Minute Gift Guide

Last minute gift guide, Christmas gift guide, gifts for her, sewing patterns 
We are literally down to the last few days before Christmas 2016. We know how quickly time can fly right past us, and before we know it, we’ve run out of it but still have a few gifts to buy... well we have a few really easy and affordable solutions for you! Best of all, most of them are digital, so you will receive them within moments of ordering them.

101 Sewing Patterns

Sign up for our annual sewing pattern subscription before 24 December 2016, and receive your first pack of patterns on the 25th of December – plus a free bonus pattern! Over the period of the next 12 months you will receive a total of 101 sewing patterns – and all for only $29.99!
 sewing pattern subscription, downloadable sewing patterns, digital sewing patterns
Plus you will receive a digital eCard, so if you have gifted the sewing patterns to someone else, you can give them this card when sharing Christmas gifts – just make sure you supply us with the email address to send the sewing patterns to on the 25th!

The Gift Card that gives so much more!

Our $2 gift card is worth five times its value! So whoever receives it will receive a $10 gift voucher, and you only pay $2. We will send you the voucher digitally, which you can print and give to the person you are gifting.
 Animals in shelters, rescue animals, animals in need, adopt don't shop, gift voucher
The best part of this voucher – proceeds from the sale of this voucher will go to help animals in rescue shelters! It really is a gift that keeps giving!

Digital Patterns

All of our digital sewing patterns available on are supplied to you in a pdf format, available immediately upon purchase, and we are running a sale across all our patterns. This makes them really easy and affordable to give as gifts, here’s how:
  • The patterns can be emailed to the person you are gifting, this is especially useful for friends and family who live far away
 email gift, digital gift, gift guide, last minute gift
  • Save them to a memory stick, and present this as a gift, or
 email gift, digital gift, gift guide, last minute gift
  • Print out the sewing patterns onto standard A4 paper, and wrap and present this as a gift
 email gift, digital gift, gift guide, last minute gift

Envelope style gift bag

All these gifts can be delivered, beautifully wrapped in our envelope style gift bag! This sewing pattern includes sizes A6 to A3, so you can use it for a variety of gift sizes.
 email gift, digital gift, gift guide, last minute gift

Make It Sew

Do you know someone who is looking at starting their own “sew from home” business in 2017? Then this eBook is an ideal gift, packed full of tips and advice on what to do, and what not to do to grow and create a successful business as a dressmaker.
Make it sew, dressmaker, seamstress, dressmaking

Happy Sewing!

Monday, December 12, 2016

You'll sew want this for Christmas

Digital sewing patterns dowloadable sewing patterns easy sewing patterns
We have decided to launch an annual sewing pattern subscription! We are so excited about this and we know that you will be too! This is really such a crazy HUGE bargain!
sewing Christmas Handmade
What do you get?
  • You get 4 various digital sewing patterns sent to you via email on the 25th of every month (valued at $7.50)
  • You will receive our weekly newsletter containing another free pattern (another 4 patterns per month valued at around $7.50)
  • If you sign up or gift this subscription before 23rd December you will receive a FREE bonus sewing pattern as our gift to you!
  • The entire package is valued at over $15 (ZAR195) per month... and you will only be paying $2.99 (ZAR34.99)
  • You will be receiving the patterns a day before they go live on our website for sale, before anybody else can get their hands on it!
Christmas gift for her, sewing

What do you do:
  • Visit our subscriptions section, and sign up for the subscription! You will be emailed a form within 24 hours to complete the subscription process for a full year’s worth of patterns – it really is as easy as that!

Pattern of the week

Jaxx Party Dress

 Easy Party dress sewing pattern
I just had to create myself a cute party dress for the upcoming festive season. This is such a cute and stylish dress, and the bonus is that it’s incredibly easy to make too!

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My Top 5 Vintage Sewing Patterns

Vintage sewing pattern Vogue V2786
Like many of us, I’m a real sucker for a beautiful vintage sewing pattern, and since we live in a time when it’s fashionable to wear your own style, regardless of current fashion trends, vintage patterns are where you can find some real gems.
Today I wanted to share with you my top 5 favorite vintage style sewing patterns.
    Vintage Hates Vogue V7464
    Glamorous and fun! These hats can really add so much to a woman’s wardrobe.
       Vintage Sewing Summer Pack by Boo Le Heart vintage shorts 1940 retro top 1970
      I just have to put this in here. Our pack of sewing patterns includes our top selling, most popular patterns. Firstly, our high waist, 1940’s style shorts (both standard and flared options are included), and secondly our Retro 1970’s style crop top. The perfect example of two decades coming together to create a HOT outfit!
         Simplicity 1426 1950's bra top
        I remember “borrowing” an original version of this sewing pattern from my mother, many, many moons ago – I still have it and use it to this day.
           Rockabilly Style Apron Sewing Pattern Vintage
          Cook in vintage style with this absolutely adorable sewing pattern. Impress your friends and family with your fashion skills before impressing them with your cooking skills.
           5. Vogue V2786, Vintage 1940’s style dress and jacket
          Now I’m a real sucker for this style. I’m a huge fan of the 1940’s gowns and dresses (even my wedding dress was in this type of style). It’s just such an incredibly elegant and feminine look – something all of us woman can have a little extra of in our lives!

          For more, visit the Vintage, Rockabilly, Retro and Pin-ups section of our website

          Happy Sewing!

          Tuesday, November 29, 2016

          My top 5 sewing room injuries

          The sewing work room can indeed be a very dangerous place to hang out. In fact when working away at a large project, it’s very seldom that I don’t injure myself at all, something I would call a feat indeed.
          Here are the top 5 most memorable injuries I can remember from my years of sewing.
          • The wrong end of the pin going into my finger!
          That’s right, I have had the wrong end of a metal pinhead go right into my finger. I remember staring at it for a moment, in shock, before pulling it out. I was young and still learning that not all pins do the same job!
          • Burned on the sewing machine light bulb
          I was working late one night, and left the cover for my sewing machine light bulb open, to generate a bit more light... let’s just say that I now understand why the light bulb is covered, to protect busy hands underneath it.
          • Sewn my finger in the machine
          Yes... I have done this. Luckily only a few stitches through the skin and no major damage, though it was painful enough.
          • Melted plastic from boning
          I use solid ribbon boning for all my corset work, but when I cut it, it creates sharp edges that can push through layers of fabric, so I usually pass these through a candle flame, very quickly, to soften the corners so that I can round them. Though on a rare occasion I hold it under the flame too long, and instead of rounding the corners, I end up getting hot plastic melted onto my finger.
          • Raw hands from working with canvas
          One of my favorite clients hired me to do a few patio chair covers in water proof canvas. It turned out to be a bigger job than I had initially planned and after three solid days of feeding canvas through the machine, my hands were so incredibly raw that I quite literally had to take a few days off to recover.

           Pattern of the week

          Envelope Style Gift Bag

           Christmas gift bag
          The festive season is upon us, and what better way to wrap your gifts this year than with this envelope style gift bag.
           envelope gift bag Christmas
          This sewing pattern includes bags for sizes A6, A5, A4 and A3. So whether you want to neatly present a stocking filler, or something much bigger, then this is the gift bag for you!

          Happy Sewing!

          Tuesday, November 22, 2016

          My top 10 unusual sewing supplies

          The sewing room is indeed a strange place, in fact I enjoy shopping at hardware stores for  sewing supplies almost as much as I do at my local fabric store or haberdashery.
          Today I wanted to share with you my favorite top ten, most unusual supplies that I use in my sewing room.
          • Glass Jars
           sewing supplies sewing pattern
          This one is very simple and straightforward, I keep glass jars to help me to keep my working space organised. Gone are the days of searching among the piles and scratching in boxes, everything that can be organised into a jar is, and my life is much easier for it.
          • Zip lock bags
           sewing supplies sewing pattern
          Again, this is for basic organisation, mostly of my buttons. These bags come in very handy, where before I used to have a box of, literally, thousands of buttons, and I used to find myself wasting hours scratching through it trying to find matching buttons.
          • Packaging polystyrene sheets
           sewing supplies sewing pattern
          Along with the zip up bags, I use polystyrene sheets that come with any form of box packaging, along with blunted pins, I am able to sort out my buttons and see what I have on hand, this also prevents me from unnecessarily buying more buttons simply because I cannot see what I already have.
          • Lids
           sewing supplies sewing pattern
          Lids from jars are also wonderful for helping to keep my work room organised. I love using these for the smaller items, such as chalk, or things that roll away or get lost easily. And as you can see, I love to use Marmite lids to store my measuring tapes, and they stack neatly on top of each other. No more twisted, stretched and disorganized measuring tapes.
          • Lids and foam from medicine bottles
           sewing supplies sewing pattern
          The small round pieces of foam that come in tablet or vitamin bottles get glued into small lids to create perfect, cost effective, make shift pin cushions!
          • Pliers
           sewing supplies sewing pattern
          My pliers are possibly one of my favorite tools. They help me to pull out pins stuck in thick fabrics, as well as helping me to pull through sewing needles that struggle to go through thick or hard fabrics. Holding onto boning while I push it through the casing, closing covered fabric buttons etc. These are just a few basic uses, but I promise if you invest in a small pair of pliers you will find a good number of uses for them while working on a sewing project.
          • Nuts and bolts

           sewing supplies sewing pattern
          I use these as pattern weights. They really get the job done, and you can add or remove nuts to your bolts to make them lighter / heavier.
          • Washing line
           sewing supplies sewing pattern
          I have a feeling that I may not be the only dressmaker with a few meters of washing line lying around in her workroom. This makes for a really good filler on piping, especially for outdoor furniture covers and cushions.
          • Cable ties / zip ties
           sewing supplies sewing pattern
          Yip, cable ties of all lengths and thicknesses. Sometimes you may find that when creating a garment, that it could do with a little boning for extra support, but standard  ribbon boning is too thick and bulky to get the job done. Cable ties are generally a little more lightweight and flexible, and work great for projects that require just a little boning.
          • Hairspray
           sewing supplies sewing pattern
          Because your hair should look great while you’re working... not only that but hairspray works really well towards helping to combat static. Especially when you are working with layers and layers of fabric and everything just becomes a huge static mess... sprits on a little hairspray to help reduce static and make your job so much easier.
          You don’t want to overdo it with the hairspray though, just a light  spray should be sufficient.

           Pattern of the week

          Easy Yoga Shorts Pattern

          If you’re like me and you value comfortable, non tight fitting workout clothes, then you will love these. Not only are these yoga shorts incredibly comfortable, but they are extremely easy to make. you can make yourself several pairs, in a variety of colors in just one day... I did!

          Animals in Need Gift Card

          This year we are raising funds for various animal rescue centers by selling these really awesome gifts cards.
          Each gift card is valued at $10, which the recipient can use for anything on our website, but you only pay $2 for it, so buy as a spoil for yourself or as a gift for the knitting or sewing fanatic in your life.
          All proceeds from the sale of these gift cards will go towards animal welfare. Follow our Facebook page for updated posts on monies raised and charities helped!

           Happy Sewing!

          Tuesday, November 15, 2016

          Launch special and pompoms

          We’re so excited here at NonStopCraft as today is the official launch of our eBook, “Make it Sew”, an essential guide for anybody looking to start a sew from home business.
          make it sew sewing dressmaker seamstress
          To celebrate our launch, we are offering a 20% discount to anybody who purchases the eBook today through our website, simply use the coupon code LAUNCHSPECIAL when buying your copy.
           Not only that, but everyone who purchases the book today only, will receive an 80% discount on the pre-launch special price for our January 2017 Basic Sewing course. So you will be paying only $3, for a course valued at ten times that. (details will be emailed to you on how to claim your discount after purchasing the eBook)
          basic sewing course learn to sew
          Speaking of loads of free stuff, we’ve also put together this tutorial for you on how to create some gorgeous, decorative Christmas pompoms for your decorations this year. These also make a great holiday activity for children during the festive season.

          Tutorial of the week

           Christmas pompom Festive season decore
          Making Christmas pompoms
          What you will need
          Two 10 meter / 11 inch lengths of yarn, color of your choosing
          50cm / 20” length of yarn, color of your choosing
          Safety pin


          Step 1:
          On your cardboard mark out a circle that is 5cm / 2” in diameter. Inside that circle, mark a second circle of 2cm / 0.8” in diameter.
          Cut it out and make a second cardboard cut out exactly the same.
          Step 2:
          Take your first 10 meter / 11 inch length of yarn fold it in 1 meter / 1.1” sections, so that it is 10 equal lengths.
          Put a pin through the threads on one end, to help you thread your yarn around your circles.
          Step 3:
          Place your two cut out circles on top of one another and start winding your yarn around the circles.
          Do so until you run out of yarn, then repeat the same process with the second color yarn.
          Step 4:
          Along the edge of your circle, cut you yarn to create your pompom ball.
          Step 5:
          Separate the two sections of cardboard, and in the middle of them, tie around your third piece of yarn (the 50cm / 20” length). Tie and knot it as tightly as you can as this thread will be holding your pompom together.
          Tie a knot at the end of your third piece of yarn to create a hanging loop. Tear away your sections of cardboard.
          Your decorative, festive pompoms are now ready to use!

          Happy Sewing!