Friday, June 12, 2015

Let's get excited!

Hello crazy sewing fans

I am working on an INDIEGOGO campaign that will help me to launch my business and my passion for fashion to the next level.

Why do I need funds... I have a clear goal in mind, a vision and a lot of fabric. I have mad sewing skills but I am in need of some new equipment and I would love to launch a brilliant marketing campaign to let the world know how there is an awesome new generation of DIY dressmakers who need to know about my products and services.

First of all... what is rewards based crowdfunding?

Rewards-based crowdfunding has been a source of funding for small businesses. Businesses post projects looking for funding on a crowdfunding portal, targeting a certain amount of capital to raise. In return for a donation from fans of a project, a business gives some type of incentive for participating (that's why it's called rewards-based crowdfunding).

Crowdfunding is more than selling rewards to get money - it's getting people to invest in your company and product.


This is one of the top websites in the world that allows people and small businesses to raise much needed funds to boost their projects through rewards based crowdfunding. For more info click on this link: 

About my business

Boo Lè Heart Clothing has two main avenues of business

1.    Boo Lè Heart Patterns
a.    Digital sewing patterns are created for sale online. The patterns are digital downloads that can be saved to your PC and can be printed and re-printed whenever needed.
b.    The primary aim of this side of the business is to generate a passive income for the business as a whole, as once the pattern is complete and available to purchase online, it requires no further direct labor
c.    Nathalie Laurings is an indie pattern designer who aims at creating sewing patterns that are easy to follow, are stylish and can be used in seasons and years to follow.

2.    Boo Lè Heart Couture
a.    With 12 years experience of dressmaking and design behind her, founder Nathalie Laurings specializes in the design and creation of custom made bridal and evening wear.
b.    This side of the business currently includes custom made clothing, dressmaking services.
    1. Boo Lè Heart Couture will be making personalized services and garment creation for each individual client. Paying closing attention to the quality of the garments supplied as well as the value of the services offered.
d.    Couture: The creation of a custom made to fit garment, usually made of non-stretch fabrics and containing a high amount of hand detail, such as beading or embroidery.

My goals... what I would sew love to achieve through my crowd funding project:

Although I am aiming at raising at least $1,500.00, my ideal goal would be to raise $15,000.  What would I use this money for?

Primarily two things
  1. New computer equipment. As I work with a lot of digital graphics my current 250gig memory with 2gig RAM machine has become extremely slow and outdated. I would upgrade to something that can handle the level and quantity of graphics I work with. I will also invest in a central backup server, the recent past has made me realize that you cannot unpick a computer crash... because it’s seamless.
  2. The funding will also go towards marketing. My couture designs are going to have full page full color spreads in bridal magazines, and the online presence of my digital patterns is going to be given a boost.

Now for the important part... the free stuff

These are the rewards I am looking at offering. Have a look and tell me if you believe this is value worth your money... this is the part where I am open to tips and advice as I would love to create a projected that you would be excited about! (click on the image to enlarge)

To keep up to date with exciting news of my campaign, join my mailing list today! Send me an email with “Sew Add Me” as the subject!

Happy Sewing!

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