Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Be a Couture Designer

As you know our little elves are working hard at putting together the best Crowd Funding Campaign possible, to help you get excitied about the upcoming campaign we are letting you know ahead of time about our sponsor's gifts!

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Here is one gift idea we are considering adding to the list, if we receive enough love from our fans we will add it to the sponsorship gifts list:

Be a Couture designer!

For a sponsorship of $250, submit to us 5 of your couture garment design ideas. We will pick our favorite design, and with your guidance and assistance, we will create your envisioned garment! It will become a part of our 2016 Couture design collection. Profit made from the sale of your design will be donated to a charitable cause of our choosing.

If this is something you would love to be a part of, let us know!

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