Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sew Spoilt

On the 22nd of April we launched our latest sewalong – The Clea Dress Sewalong. Not only do we show you how to put the dress together, but we also show you how to add a little something different... and we have had bridesmaids going crazy for it.
They love that this dress is extremely stylish... as both formal and casual wear, and the best part is that it is a dress that can be worn time and time again – so after that wedding it won’t just be sitting in the back of the closet hidden from site and memory, nope you’ll definitely be wanting to wear this one again!
For those who subscribe to our sewalongs, you’ll be receiving FREE sewing club membership, and we really love to spoil our sewing club members.
On top of the free weekly patterns that come with our newsletter, there’s also a monthly pack of sewing patterns.
This month’s club members received a pretty nifty pack of brand new sewing patterns which included the long Clea Dress, a follow up of the shorter Clea dress version (and the pattern that was featured in our April Sewalong).  
It also makes a very awesome beach dress, so we just had to include the Fun Beach Bag in this month’s pattern pack.
And if you’re going to be in the sun, you’ll need something to protect those sunglasses... so we threw in our incredibly easy to make Sun Glasses Pouch sewing pattern.
Shirt dresses are HOT HOT HOT for 2017... and our Sewing Club members received the short sleeve shirt dress sewing pattern first, before it was even launched online.
And of course a little something for a formal event, the gorgeous Short Taryn Dress.
But the spoils aren’t over yet! This Sunday is the 30th of April, it’s the last day of the month and it’s also BONUS PATTERN DAY! So exclusively to our sewing club members, you will be receiving our brand new Jilsa Skirt sewing pattern.
If you haven’t yet signed up to our sewalongs yet NOW is the time to do it. May is going to be even bigger and better! On top of everything we are going to be throwing in an extra sewalong. That’s right next month there will be TWO sewalongs to look forward too, and of course you’ll receive the sewing pattern featured in the sewalongs for FREE too!

This week’s pattern for subscribers

The Twist Pencil Skirt

So stylish, we just LOVE LOVE LOVE this design, so if you want to get your hands on it, then make sure you sign up to our newsletter in time!

Featured pattern of the week

Beauty and the Beast Cross Stitch Pattern

This beautiful pattern was inspired by the Beauty and the Beast Rose... grab yours now and embroider away.

Use Hairspray in your sewing room

Winter is coming...

That’s right, down here in the South winter is coming, and as we transition to the cooler weather, I find myself fighting off static more and more. A frustrating hindrance indeed!
A couple years ago, on a particularly chilly day, while I fought back meters of satin and chiffon, I discovered that my hair stayed looking fabulous... finally it dawned on me, using hairspray drastically reduces the static cling! Since I have discovered this, I always make sure that I have a tin of hairspray (it must be the aerosol kind, not the water based kind) to lightly spray on my fabrics whenever they feel the urge to become heavily charged and start sticking to things, and I strongly recommend it for any dressmaker (or anybody who doesn’t want their clothes to cling to them while they wear them).

In next week’s blog...

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We announce the patterns being used in TWO brand new sewalongs
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Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Don’t miss this week’s sewalong

Not only are we showing you how to take the Clea dress and give it some stylish flare, but we have extended our special offer to the first 1,000 members who sign up.
The first 1,000 members who SIGN UP, for only $2.50 per month you WILL receive a FREE Annual Subscription to our Sewing Club – that’s 10 sewing patterns per month, PLUS up to 4 sewalongs PLUS the sewing patterns featured in the sewalongs! What a bargain 

This week’s pattern for subscribers

The Angelique Ladies Shirt

We are busy putting the finishing touches on this week’s FREE sewing pattern – The Angelique Ladies, long sleeve formal shirt. It’s the shirt you will love for its perfect fit. In fact we believe that no woman’s wardrobe will be complete without it.
SIGN UP  to our Newsletter  or Sewing Club or to our Sewalongs to make sure that you receive this sewing pattern FREE this Friday!

Featured pattern of the week

The Merri Blouse

The perfect transitional blouse, ideal for Autumn and Spring. We are just so in love with this blouse, it is just light enough to keep us warm during the days and evenings when there is just a slight chill in the air that doesn’t quite justify layers of scarves and winter jackets and jerseys.
The bonus is that it is incredibly easy to make, and it’s a classic design that never goes out of style, so make yourself a few blouses in a variety of colors

The perfect gift for cross stitch fans

Custom cross stitch patterns are becoming increasingly popular, send your favorite pictures and moments through to us, and we will create a cross stitch pattern for you.
What is included in the pattern? A colour image to give you an idea of what the end product will look like. A black and white legend (pattern layout) and a detailed thread color list.
Have you joined The Sewing Club yet, for all its exclusive benefits?

Happy Sewing!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Sew this Easter

With the upcoming long weekend, we have the perfect excuse to take on a new sewing project. To celebrate this extra free sewing time, I have created a coupon for you to use for the next week, for a 20% off discount on any orders over $5... what a great excuse to use to stock up on some of your favourite sewing patterns.

This week’s pattern for subscribers

The Perfect Holiday Handbag

This little clutch is perfect for carrying around your necessities to parties. Sign up for our newsletter by 13 April to receive this sewing pattern on Friday the 14th.

Featured pattern of the week

Yoga Tank Top

This tank top not only includes sewn in support to help you feel more comfortable during your work outs, but it also includes sizes XSmall to XXXLarge
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