Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Something for the knitters (Knitter's Wrist Bag Pattern & Tutorial)

After a twitter poll last week, we discovered that our followers love to knit too... at least half of you in fact. So we have been inspired to start offering basic knitting patterns too.

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Pattern of the week

Here it is... our first knitting pattern, and there are many more to come!

Keep your ears warm with this stylish headband. Follow this really easy knitting pattern and make yourself a few in an assortment of colors to suit your winter wardrobe.

Find of the week

This week we thought we would share a few crafts and classes for the knitters and crochet fans among us:


If you have an Etsy store that sells physical sewing / knitting / crochet products and notions, and would like to feature them with us on social media, or in our blog, please click on the image for more information.

Tutorial of the week

Knitters Wrist Bag

This is the tutorial for our knitter's wrist bag, you can download the PATTERN HERE!

What you will need
* 50cm / 0.55 yards of fabric (I would suggest a woven, non-stretch fabric)
* 50cm / 0.55 yards of lining
* 2 x 10mm / 0.40" eyelets with washers
* Sewing thread to match

Step 1: Cut out your fabric and lining sections and transfer any necessary markings
Step 2: With right side facing, sew along the bottom seam of the fabric and lining pieces (separately)

Step 3: At the top of the strap, fold over the fabric / lining towards the wrong side, along the folding line and press into place.

Step 4: With right sides facing, attach the lining to the main fabric of the bag, stitching along the side seams. Clip the seam along the curve of the wrist strap.

Step 5: Turn bag right way out, and push lining into the inside of the bag. At the wrist strap, make sure one side is folded inwards, along the fold line, and the other is out.

Insert the side with the raw edge, into the side with the folded seam, lining up the pressed seam lines and pin into place. Top stitch along the seam, as close to the edge as possible, join the wrist strap.

Step 6: Top stitch along the edge of the side seams, about 5mm / 1/8" from the edge.

Step 7: Insert the eyelets at the marking on the wrist strap.

Your knitter's wrist bag is now ready to use... Happy Knitting!

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Happy Knitting & Sewing!

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