Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Inner Ballerina

We all have an inner ballerina, or have a ballerina in our lives that we love. This week we are celebrating them (and us) by doing all things ballet.

So whether it’s for fun, or if your are a serious ballerina, you will love what we have to offer.

Pattern of the week

Create the perfect tutu, made to fit any size with just a few easy steps. This tutorial guides you through the simple process of creating a tutu designed to specifically fit your body.

Find of the week

This is so incredibly cute, that we just had to share it with you. Available in Kelly's Magnets Etsy Store

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Tutorial of the week

Ballet Bag Applique

We know ballerinas need bags to carry all their essential kit around, well we have discovered that our really easy beach bag sewing pattern was perfect just for this purpose. Below is the tutorial to add a little ballet flair with some easy appliqué, for you to decorate your own kit bag or for the ballerina in your life.

What you will need
1 meter / 1 yard ribbon
A4 page size piece of fabric
Fabric / appliqué glue
Sewing needle and thread.
The below template of the ballet slipper 
  1. After creating your bag, it is now ready to be decorated (for the pattern and instruction, please click here for more information)
  2. Print and cut out the ballet slipper template that way have provided for you.
  3. Use your template to cut out two ballet slippers from the fabric you chose (in my example I’ve used organza).
  4. Position the slippers in place on your bag and pin into place.

  1. Once your slippers are in place, apply fabric / appliqué glue around the edges, joining them to your bag, and leave to dry.
  2. Cut your ribbon into four equal sections (2 sections for each decorative slipper).
  3. Pin the first one in a zigzag over your slipper, and the second over that.

  1. Hand stitch the ribbon into place at the points where it touches the slipper.

  1. With the excess ribbon, tie a bow, position the bow on your bag and hand stitch into place.

Your new ballet bag is now ready to use!

Happy Sewing! 

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