Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Keeping it hot

I have a terrible habit of getting lost in my work only to look up and find that my cup of tea or coffee that I had made, was now long forgotten, and cold. Which is what inspired me to create this week’s sewing tutorial for a fabric to keep my mug warm and my drink hotter for longer.

Pattern of the week

This set of two sewing patterns includes both popular patterns of the Jacqui top and the Jacqui Extra length top. These fashionable tops can be made in just 10 EASY to follow steps! And these fun and funky tops look great with skinny jeans and tights!

Sewing find of the week

How gorgeous are these upcycled olive wood buttons? They are available on Etsy through Tampakiko  


We loved them so much that (as you will see) they inspired our finishing touches for this week’s sewing tutorial.

Share your sewing products

If you have an Etsy store that sells physical sewing products and notions, and would like to feature them with us on social media, or in our blog, please click on the image for more information.

Tutorial of the week

Sewing a Teacup Cosy
What you will need for each teacup cosy:
1 x length of elastic: 1cm / 3/8” width by 8cm / 3” inch length
Fabric  square of roughly 20cm / 8” inches by 25cm / 10” inches
Fleece  square of roughly 20cm / 8” inches by 25cm / 10” inches
Decorative button of your choice
Sewing thread
 A4 sheet of cardboard for your pattern.

These instructions include a 1cm / 3/8” inch seam allowance

Step 1: On your cardboard, measure out a rectangle of 10cm / 4” inches high in width, and the length of your cardboard (the shortest length).

On one side make a mark 2.5cm / 1inch inwards from either side. From this point up to the corner, draw a line. This will be the shape of your teacup cosy

Find the centre point of one of the sides and make a circular marking, to be transferred to your fabric.

Step 2: Create a second pattern piece, your overlap. A rectangle of 10cm / 4” inches by 5cm / 2inches.

On one side, find your centre point and make a circular marking, to be transferred to your fabric. And on the other side make a rectangular marking, to be transferred to your fabric.

Use these instructions to create your own pattern or download a pdf of the pattern here

Step 3: Use your pattern pieces to cut out 1 piece of fabric for the main section, and two pieces of fabric for the overlap section.

Step 4: On the right side of one of your overlap sections, where you transferred the triangular marking, create a loop with your elastic and pin into place.
Then right sides facing, attach the two overlap sections, by sewing around the sides, except for the side with the circular marking. Clip the corners.
Turn overlap the right way out and press for neatness. Top stitch along the edge of the overlap section.
Step 5: Matching the circular markings, right sides facing attach the overlap section to the main fabric section and baste into place.
Step 6: Use the main fabric section to cut out the fleece.
Stitch fleece and fabric sections together (right sides facing) leaving a opening along the bottom seam to allow you to turn the teacup cosy the right way out. Trim corners.
Turn your teacup cosy the right way out and top stitch along the edges to neaten it off.
Step 7: On the side of your teacup cosy, opposite to the side with your overlap, find your center point and measure inwards around 3cm / 1” inch and make a marking. This will be where you are going to attach your button.
Once you have attached your button, your teacup cosy is now ready to use, enjoy!

Happy Sewing!

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