Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Do you want to get more sewing done in 2016? Whether to practice and hone your skills, or to simply create a fun and affordable wardrobe for you, your friends and family? Then join our sewing challenge for 2016.

By joining our challenge you also stand the chance to win an Acer Chromebook. 

How do you join?
Every month we will be posting a sewing theme, for example for January the sewing theme is ties. Create a sewing project, in theme, take a picture and share it with us on twitter using the hashtag #MySewingPatterns

An example of how your tweet must look

There are a few rules of course:
  1. The projects posted on twitter must be from the Boo Lè Heart / My Sewing Patterns range of sewing patterns (CLICK HERE or click on the button to the right of the page to visit our online store).
  2. A new pattern theme will be tweeted every month, so remember to follow us on twitter @MySewingPattern
  3. Entrants can make any of the 12 themes supplied at ANY time during 2016, as long as you mention which month it is for. For example, you can still make your January tie in March 2016 or sew all 12 themes in the 12 days of Christmas, the choice is yours.
  4. You don't have to make a specific pattern, as long as it's in theme. For Example if the theme is "make a dress", you can make a dress from ANY of our available dress patterns.
  5. For an entry into the draw to win the computer, entrants must create at least 6 of the sewing challenges.
  6. Entrants who create all 12 challenges will receive 2 entries into the draw.
  7. The last sewing challenge must be shared with us on twitter no later than 30 December 2016. The draw for the winner, and announcing the winner on twitter will happen on 31 December 2016.

Feel free to add your own sense of flare and style to the patterns!

Here are the themes we have already been running during 2016:
January: Ties – sew any of our tie patterns
February: Dresses – sew any of our dress patterns
March: On Top – sew and share any of our tops, jackets, waistcoat... pretty much anything you would wear “above the belt”
April: Black and white – sew anything you wish from our patterns in this color combination
May: For The Ladies – make anything from our sewing patterns for women
June: Something for the Guys - use any of our men’s patterns for your entry
July: Anything Vintage, Pin-Up or Rockabilly style - bring those classic styles back to life
August: For the Home - Make something that makes your house feel like a home

Good luck and Happy Sewing!

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