Monday, January 11, 2016

Holding my horses

What a busy start to the new year! I am already in the process of creating a whole lot of new patterns being launched over the next month and am really excited to be sharing them with you soon.

I often find I am so impatient and just want to start sharing everything with you straight away, but alas I have to hold myself back, as hard as that may be. Creating samples and testing the patterns is time consuming, but necessary, to at the very least make sure my patterns work before I launch them.

With my bridal range though, as this process can take longer than expected, I do like to post the patterns available for pre-order sales. Keep your eyes open for these as the pre-order sale prices are much lower than the final pattern prices, so you really get a huge bargain by taking advantage of these... and I usually throw in a free gift pattern too.

This week’s patterns in review

Our Sunglasses pouch

I must admit, the popularity this pattern gained absolutely blew my mind. It become a much bigger seller than I thought, but let’s face it, who doesn’t own sunglasses (or even normal glasses at that), and these are items that we do want to keep safe and in good shape for seasons to come.
And for beginning sewing fans, this really is an ideal starter pattern to give a try and hone those skills in creating fashionable homemade accessories.

Available for pre-order

Our next bridal pattern is in the process of being created to be launched in February 2016.The Taryn dress is a simple yet elegant strapless dress. It is a timeless design that is ideally suited for the woman who has an effortless and confident sense of style.
It will go on sale for the price of $9.99, but for now is available for pre-order for only $5.99.

As a bonus gift, whoever takes advantage of the pre-order special will receive a FREE pattern and instructions for our long thin tie. This is the perfect accessory for a date who would like to wear a little something to compliment the woman wearing our Taryn dress. It can be made in matching fabric or colours to the dress itself.

Remember to check our previous blog posts for the competition we are currently running.

Happy sewing!

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