Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Thanks Mom!

My entire life I have been sewing, and doing embroidery or knitting and crotchet, thanks to my mom. I know she had me doing these things (before the times of cellphones and tablets) just to keep me out of her hair, in the end it made a big impact in my life. Being a third generation seamstress from a line of textile creative woman certainly helps, so it was no coincidence that I found my passion in creating clothing.

My business is my passion, and my baby and I am continually looking at ways of improving my products and ease of accessibility to them. I have recently installed the Shopify app on my Facebook page and I am currently testing it to see if it will work for you, my customers.

I have also added a few pages to my blog, so you can now purchase patterns directly from the blog, just click on the relevant page link to the right of the blog (or for mobile use the scroll down arrow alongside the home page bar) and it will take you to view the patterns you are interested in.

I really appreciate for those who purchase patterns through the store to please send me your feedback so that I know whether or not I am on the right track with this system. You can email your responses to Positive and negative feedback is welcome.

This week’s pattern in review

Mothers Day Handbag

Because my mother has played such a huge roll in my sewing success, last year to celebrate my her, I designed a handbag pattern for her and to share with all my sewing fans. Little did I know it was going to become such a hit.
It comes in two size variations and can be made in an assortment of fabrics. You can use a fun print for a stylish summer bag, or use a PU or leather type fabric for a more professional look.

Sunglasses pouch

And what’s a fashion handbag these days without an awesome, matching sunglasses pouch. This super easy sewing pattern is the perfect complement to any stylish bag.


Our February sewing challenge. It is “DRESSES”, very simple and easy, and you can make anything as part of the competition from a very simple LBD to a fancy wedding gown, the choice is yours! Remember to look up our previous post on the sewing challenge, so you know the rules and stand a chance to win that cute little Acer Chromebook!

Happy sewing!

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