Thursday, September 24, 2015

Create your own iron on lace

Have a gorgeous iron-on lace ready at hand is always welcome in my studio, it is an easy to apply option for a beautiful finish to compliment almost any garment.

Unfortunately iron-laces are not always easily found in stores, so here is a quick tutorial on how to make your own.

You will need:
A heavy woven fabric, preferably synthetic or an embroidered fabric. (You can pick one with a pre-existing design or a plain fabric and create your own design).
Fabric chalk
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Small fabric cutting scissors
A candle and something to light it with

·         On the fabric of your choice, trace out the design with your fabric chalk on the wrong side of the fabric. A thick woven fabric is ideal as when using thin fabrics, the glue from the glue gun can give it a “blotchy” affect. Thicker fabrics are more resilient to hot glue and during the ironing on process.

·         With your hot glue gun, on the wrong side of the fabric, between the lines of your traced design, add a thin layer of hot glue.

·         Once the glue has cooled, carefully cut out your design.

·         Light your candle and lightly singe the edges of your ribbon (being careful not to burn it) to give it a finished off look (another reason why using a synthetic fabric is preferred for this process, as the edges will melt nicely)

·         Your iron on ribbon is now ready for you to add to any garment or accessory of your choosing. The hot glue melts quite easily and quickly during the ironing process, so a use a “cool” to “warm” setting on your iron. Always practice a section of fabric first to make sure you have the temperature right before applying to the completed garment.

Happy Sewing!

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