Saturday, May 9, 2015

Excited about knickers

I spent my Friday afternoon grading knickers, it was wonderful.

Sounds a little weird, but I loved it, there is an art to making a great pattern, and spending time creating one, drawing in the curves and calculating the sizing (or grading), has almost a Zen effect on me.

I can get lost for hours in my pattern making, but yesterday’s pattern making session was especially necessary. The past two weeks have been nothing short of chaos, we decided it was time to move house so that my business could expand, being a bridal dressmaker and pattern creator was simply no longer doing well in a single bedroom cottage. So finally we gave in and bought ourselves a beautiful four bedroom house.

The house is still a stack of half unpacked boxes, but the two most important rooms are somewhat organised. My sewing room (Yay! I have my own sewing space... it’s AMAZING!) and the kitchen... need to be able to bake those muffins!

We are busy putting the finishing touches, and last lick of paint on the walk-in closet (a very important room indeed!) then the rest of the house will slowly become organised too.

The move was exciting and stressful, so a good pattern making session is always welcome. I am loving my new high-waist, vintage style knickers (I always make the sample for myself first), I’ll post a few pictures soon, and I promise to have the pattern up and available as soon as possible, I have created the rough draft by hand, now comes the time consuming part of turning it into a digital pattern. It will be available in sizes 6 to 22! So everyone can give it a try.

I am also looking at doing a free tutorial on how to add suspenders to them as an optional extra! This may take time as it will be my first time doing such a thing, but as soon as I have come right I will definitely share my process with you.

Thank you to my fans and your wonderful patience during my move. I hope you enjoy my patterns (click on the button to the right to go to my online store), and most importantly, HAPPY SEWING!

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