Monday, July 10, 2017

Top ten favourite sewing gadgets

Every day sewing is made much more simple – not to mention FUN, with the gadgets we get to use in the process. This week at NonStopCraft, we decided to put together our top ten favorite sewing gadgets
  • Quilting clips - perfect to help keep fabric in its place when your layers are just too thick for pins, or for when you are working with particularly thick or  fabrics
    • Pinking shears – we just love that we can finish off fabrics to prevent fraying / unraveling with these scissors – especially for those of us who don’t have an overlocker / serger.
    • The rotary cutter makes cutting difficult and slippery patterns a breeze! 
    • We LOVE this little handheld sewing machine... we use it mostly when appliquéing delicate laces to bridal and evening wear – it makes the process of appliqué so much easier. It is also great for small quick jobs, like hemming a pair of pants, or sewing a patch onto a garment.
    • Key-chain measuring tape – as a dressmaker on occasion we may be caught out without a measuring tape – from experience we know that this can be quite embarrassing, this key-chain can help to prevent those embarrassing moments
    • Oh My Gosh! Laser scissors... never cut skew again with these awesome scissors!
      • Stack and store bobbins – if you are big on saving space, like we are with our hundreds of different colour threads, then this may just be the gadget for you!
      • Have no trouble threading your needles again with this handy little tool!
      • Magnetic seam guides – this fun and bright seam guides will help you to keep to that seam allowance
      • And finally... one of our absolutely favourite dressmaker’s gadgets, a portable steam machine... it’s truly amazing the amount of times a dressmaker may just find one of these handy

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      Ladies Winter Jacket

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      Featured pattern of the week

      Fiona Cape

      This is an elegant cape, made to look like a draped blazer from the back, it is perfectly suited for formal and evening functions.

      Sewalong of the week

      Fiona Cape

      Watch the sewing video tutorial for our Fiona cape, CLICK HERE and come and sew along with us and discover how easy it is to put such a stylish garment together.

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