Monday, June 12, 2017

Season of the waistcoat

Here at Boo Le Heart Sewing Patterns, we believe that there are few garments more stylish than a well created waistcoat... which could explain why we have such a large selection of waistcoat patterns, for men and ladies CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE RANGE NOW.
Here are a few of our more popular designs
Sara Ladies Waistcoat – CLICK HERE to view it now
Ladies Short Waistcoat – CLICK HERE to view it now
Simple Waistcoats two pattern pack – CLICK HERE to view it now
And of course our ladies waistcoat patterns always go beautifully with our high waist skirts. Here's a pack of four sewing patterns to help you to create the look.
High Waist Skirt 4 Pattern Pack - CLICK HERE  to view it now

This week’s pattern for subscribers

Men’s TwoTone Waistcoat

That’s right, hot on the heels of our very popular Ladies Two Tone Waistcoat, this coming Friday we are launching our men’s version, which is going out FREE to our newsletter subscribers FIRST before appearing in our online store.

The Waistcoat Connoisseur

Buy the ready-made product!

We have had many request from clients who wish to purchase the finished product of some of our waistcoats... here’s a link to an online store that specializes in selling our waistcoat designs. CLICK HERE to view the store now

Our Featured Sewalong

Out TwoTone Waistcoat sewalong is already up and ready for you to watch, including the FREE sewing pattern for our Ladies TwoTone Waistcoat.

Happy Sewing!

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