Monday, March 20, 2017

New Launch: Plus Size Sewing Patterns

We have had a lot of queries about creating larger size sewing patterns, and as we have been updating our older patterns, we have been including larger sizes. This week we are launching a section on our website especially for these patterns!
If you see that we don’t have one of our patterns in your size, please email us the details of the pattern, along with your bust, waist and hip measurements, and we will try our best to re-size the sewing pattern for you!

... petite sizes are welcome to do this too!

This week’s pattern for subscribers

Long Yoga Top

I love long tops, and yet they are so hard to come by, which is why I was inspired to create this tank top! Not only is it extra length, but it also includes a sewn in inner support. So sign up for our newsletter, Sewing Club or  our Sewalongs before the 23 March 2017 and you will receive this sewing pattern for FREE!

Featured product of the week

Sewalongs Launch Special

Last week we launched our first sewalong! And to celebrate we have a HUGE launch special just for you!
There’s only 100 of these special subscriptions available, SUBSCRIBE TODAY to secure yours!

Tutorial of the week

Wrist pin cushion

Keep your pins out of your mouth, or prevent them from lying around and getting lost, simple by creating this really easy and functional wrist pin cushion – and it sharpens your pins too!

What you need:

A circle of fabric, roughly 15cm / 6” in diameter
A length of elastic that will fit around your wrist
A decorative button
A roll of steel wool (this steel wool helps to keep your pins sharp)

Steps / Details:

Step 1: Sew the ends of the elastic together
Step 2: Feed thread along the edge of the circle of fabric and gather slightly
Step 3: Separate the ball of steel wool and use it to stuff the circle of fabric.
Step 4: Pull on the thread to gather the circle of fabric closed with the steel wool encased within, knot thread into place.
Step 5: Sew on your decorative button in the center of the pin cushion, on the opposite side to the opening.
Step 6: To finish off, stitch on your elastic wrist band, covering the sewn up opening.
Your pin cushion is now ready to use! Enjoy and... Happy Sewing!
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