Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Why you should be sewing the festive season

festive season sewing craft
There are few things quite as fulfilling as creating something from nothing with your own two hands.
Whether you are creating something as a first timer, and learning a new skill, or whether you are using well practiced skills that have taken years to hone, the sense of accomplishment is always there.
My favorite part of the festive season, is that I get to spend hours creating gifts for my loved ones. I usually begin to plan these things months in advance.
I start by making a list of the people I want to create a gift for, and my budget for each person. I then spend time and thinking about each person, one at a time. I think about what kind of person they are, what they mean to me, and what kind of gift I think they would like to receive. For each person I usually create a list of about five ideas, and work it down to my favorite on the list (though sometimes if there’s extra time, I might create a second complimentary gift... if I like them enough). This list also gives me good ideas for back up gifts, in case the first idea doesn’t quite work out.
There is something magical about creating a unique gift for a special person in my life, and putting my time, energy and love into the creation of that gift. I also find it to be incredibly therapeutic.
I work so hard on each gift, making it something that I would be exceedingly proud of, and then I get to give it away to someone special to me. It truly is a joyful process.
I believe that everyone should, in their own way, create and give gifts in the same manner. I also love receiving homemade gifts, because I know the love that goes into it, and that beats shop bought gifts every time. It’s easy for anyone to simply buy and give a gift, but there’s nothing quite as special as making and giving gifts from the heart.
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Products of the week

Family portrait cross stitch

Here’s something different to try this festive season. If you love to cross stitch, or know of someone who does, why not turn your family’s Christmas portrait into a cross stitch pattern? Turn a treasured memory into a homemade keepsake!

Make it Sew

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If you ever wanted to start your own dressmaking business, or even if you already have, then this book's valuable information is definitely worth the read.

Happy Sewing!

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