Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Launch special and pompoms

We’re so excited here at NonStopCraft as today is the official launch of our eBook, “Make it Sew”, an essential guide for anybody looking to start a sew from home business.
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To celebrate our launch, we are offering a 20% discount to anybody who purchases the eBook today through our website, simply use the coupon code LAUNCHSPECIAL when buying your copy.
 Not only that, but everyone who purchases the book today only, will receive an 80% discount on the pre-launch special price for our January 2017 Basic Sewing course. So you will be paying only $3, for a course valued at ten times that. (details will be emailed to you on how to claim your discount after purchasing the eBook)
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Speaking of loads of free stuff, we’ve also put together this tutorial for you on how to create some gorgeous, decorative Christmas pompoms for your decorations this year. These also make a great holiday activity for children during the festive season.

Tutorial of the week

 Christmas pompom Festive season decore
Making Christmas pompoms
What you will need
Two 10 meter / 11 inch lengths of yarn, color of your choosing
50cm / 20” length of yarn, color of your choosing
Safety pin


Step 1:
On your cardboard mark out a circle that is 5cm / 2” in diameter. Inside that circle, mark a second circle of 2cm / 0.8” in diameter.
Cut it out and make a second cardboard cut out exactly the same.
Step 2:
Take your first 10 meter / 11 inch length of yarn fold it in 1 meter / 1.1” sections, so that it is 10 equal lengths.
Put a pin through the threads on one end, to help you thread your yarn around your circles.
Step 3:
Place your two cut out circles on top of one another and start winding your yarn around the circles.
Do so until you run out of yarn, then repeat the same process with the second color yarn.
Step 4:
Along the edge of your circle, cut you yarn to create your pompom ball.
Step 5:
Separate the two sections of cardboard, and in the middle of them, tie around your third piece of yarn (the 50cm / 20” length). Tie and knot it as tightly as you can as this thread will be holding your pompom together.
Tie a knot at the end of your third piece of yarn to create a hanging loop. Tear away your sections of cardboard.
Your decorative, festive pompoms are now ready to use!

Happy Sewing!

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