Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The life of a sewist

Today is a grey and overcast day, perfect I think for working in my PJ’s while a draw up a few new sketches for patterns I’m going to be releasing.

I have been running my sewing business now for five years, it’s amazing how time flies. Selling my digital sewing patterns has allowed me the opportunity to work from home, sometimes I feel so spoiled to be so lucky.

I want to say a big thank you to all my amazing sewing fans who have allowed me to achieve this in my life. Anyone who knows me knows that my cats and dogs are my children (I currently have 8), and for the last 6 months my oldest baby has been terribly sick, my Jack Russell named Onyx. She has chronic renal failure and some days she requires 24 hour care. Being able to work from home has allowed me to look after her and help her to live a full and happy old age. I am truly grateful to everyone who buys my sewing patterns and online products, you have done more for me than I can possibly express. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I hope you all have an amazing week ahead, and very successful sewing projects. Now enough of the serious stuff and back to the sewing fun.

Here’s a tip when putting together your newly printed A4 pages to create your sewing pattern: Use 2 sided tape to join the sheets of paper together. I do this firstly because the pages are less likely to come apart in the long term and secondly it allows me to fold up my patterns when I put them away, and when I am ready to use them again, I unfold them and use a warm iron to go over the pages to smooth them out (no steam, this will damage the paper).

This week’s patterns in review

Our first maternity dress sewing pattern was launched last week. (I tried to make my dressmaker's form look pregnant by pinning a pillow to it o_O )

This fashionable dress is perfect for the mum-to-be who has a special occasion to attend, or who simply wants to look stylish in the upcoming spring and summer season.

I also launched a set of two maternity sewing patterns, the Isabella dress and the Jacqui dress together make the perfect combination.

To celebrate 5 wonderful years of sewing we have decided to launch this amazing offer. You can opt to have our range of brand new sewing patterns sent to you, every second week for a year.
The total value of this is over $80, but instead we decided to practically give it away at $29. Which means you’re making a huge savings of over $50! We are only running this amazing special until 10th March, so take advantage of it now!

When you purchase this amazing offer, you will be receiving your first pattern immediately available to download, the ladies short waistcoat.

Until next time...

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