Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The festive fun continues

What an amazing and busy week I have had! I would like to thank all my customers, friends, family and fans out there for their wonderful support. Without you guys the dreams of having my own business just would not be the reality it has become.

With black Friday and cyber Monday now far behind us, I was in two minds about raising all my sewing patterns back to their regular prices. I found though that I really just couldn’t, I was having such amazing responses from everyone that I decided to continue my sale right through December 2015. Though from 1st January the prices will be returning to their normal values, so take advantage of these ridiculously cheap sewing patterns while you still can. (Click on the button to the right of the page).

This week’s patterns in review

The envelope style fabric gift bag.
This bag was such an instant hit, not just among my sewing patterns fans, but among many who could not sew at all. I had friends and family asking me to make packs of these bags for them to use during the festive season. For days I sat happily sewing away at these packs.

These bags aren’t just great for your own personal use, but to create for friends and family too. It’s a gift that keeps on giving... you too are welcome to use my sewing pattern and take orders from your friends and family for that little bit of extra spending money over the upcoming festive season. And remember the sewing pattern comes with a free gift pattern too.

The under dress, that’s also a great over dress.

I originally created this pattern to go along with my batwing collection of dress patterns. I just loved making these in chiffon for those hot summer days, but needed to wear a little something underneath to protect my... ummm... modesty.
Me wearing a knee length batwing dress with the mini under dress

However, as it turns out, the under dress makes a great summer dress all on its own. I have now made myself a few in a variety of colours. It also comes in two lengths, mini and knee length.
Selfie time: Me wearing a knee length under dress

A cause close to our hearts

Boo Lè Heart clothing and My Sewing Patterns has had such a wonderful and prosperous year that we have decided that from this point onwards a percentage of our profits will be donated to a worthy cause.
For 2015 and 2016 we have decided to support the African Birds of Prey Sanctuary in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. This sanctuary not only creates a sanctuary for birds of prey who are injured beyond being able to be returned to the wild, but it also works as an educational centre to help teach us about these amazing creatures, so that we have a better understanding of them and the troubles they face.

Every month we will keep you updated as to how much we have been able to raise for this very worthwhile cause.

Have a wonderful festive season, and happy sewing!

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