Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Festive wardrobe

The festive season is absolutely on us...  I’m not all too sure what happened with the past year, especially the past 6 months. In all honesty I felt that it was still July but then I looked up and it was November.

A year filled with plenty of lumps and bumps, but most importantly a good few lessons learned, especially in business (some I am still recovering from). My spirit might be a little bruised but it is far from broken. I have however (in a mild panic) come to realise that not only is the festive season upon us, but that also means that the party season has arrived.

No doubt you might find yourself, just like I have, being invited to more events than I have time for... but what to wear?

Of course being a woman of fashion I can’t possibly be seen wearing the same outfits too often, this means that I have a lot of new outfits to make, which means you will be receiving a lot of new patterns to play with in my online store.

Me in one of my batwing dresses ***

... and don’t forget the accessories! I am determined to make myself the perfect festive season clutch! Just big enough to hold the necessaries when doing my social rounds.

Belt I made for myself recently ***

I can’t wait to get started (I literally have a starting list of 75+ patterns that I wish to make), so follow me as I get to make all of these new and exciting creations this festive season and into the upcoming year.

Happy holidays and happy sewing!

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