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 This week’s pattern for subscribers

Ladies Tights

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Featured pattern of the week

Strap Dress

We just love it because it makes the perfect Little Black Dress!

Tutorial of the week

This week we have created alunch bag sewing pattern just for you!
Download your free pattern now, below are the sewing instructions.

Lunch Bag Pattern instructions
Suggested fabrics
     Main bag:
      • Polycotton
      • Cotton
      • Woven fabrics, twills, denims, etc
    • Lining:
      • Canvas
      • PVC
      • Plastic tablecloth, etc
     Other items required to complete garment:
    •  Matching thread for sewing machine
    • Large, decorative button
       Fabric yardage (amount of fabric required)
      • Main Fabric:
        • 115cm / 45” width / 150cm / 60” width – 0.5 meters / 0.55 yards length
      • Lining:
        • 115cm / 45” width / 150cm / 60” width – 0.5 meters / 0.55 yards length
      Skills required
      • Basic knowledge on how to you use a sewing machine
      Note on seams: Unless specifically stated, seams will always be 1.5cm / 5/8”

        Sewing Instructions

        • Cut out the pattern size of your choosing, and cut fabric accordingly. Transfer any necessary markings.
        • Main bag:
        • Right sides facing, match up the markings with the base of the bag of the sides of the bag and sew seam closed.
        • Right sides of fabric facing, sew side sections together
        • Right sides facing, sew the base of the bag to the side seams – fold out the corners at the base to fit the width of the side seam.
        • Button loops:
          • Fold the raw side edges of the loop sections inwards and press flat

          • Fold sections in half (closing the raw edges inwards and press flat. Stitch closed

          • Bring the ends together in a loop

        • Attach button loop to bag and marking
        • On the opposite side to the side with the button loop, attaché the button at the button marking
        • Handle:
        • Right sides facing, fold handle section width ways and sew down one side and the length of the handle section
        • Clip corners and turn right side out.
        • Turn in the open end by 1.5cm / 5/8” and press your handle flat.
        • Stitch along the edge of your handles
        • On the right side of the fabric, match up your handle to your main bag sides, and stitch into place along the sewing guide lines.
        • Lining
        • Sew lining sections together, the same way you did the main fabric in steps 2 to 4.
        • Right sides facing, join lining and main bag sections together along the top seam, but leave open a space about 2” / 5cm wide.
        • Turn bag right side out, and stitch along top of bag, finishing the top seam off and closing the opening
        • Finishing off:
        • To finish off bag, at each of the four corners, in line with the base corners, press the corner into shape. Stitch along this pressed line, from top to bottom, as close to the edge as possible, creating a piping effect.
        Your lunch bag is now ready to use! Enjoy and happy sewing.


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