Monday, January 23, 2017

Free Sewing Patterns

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We are so excited to share with you our latest update on our sewing pattern subscriptions. For those who don’t know, we have two types of subscriptions.
  1. Free Newsletter Subscription
For those who sign up for our weekly newsletter, they will receive a free sewing pattern every Friday along with our latest newsletter. That’s 52 FREE sewing patterns a year.
  1. Paid for subscription
Our paid for subscribers will also receive the free weekly newsletter and sewing pattern AND for those months with only 4 Fridays in them (which is most of them), paid for subscribers will receive an additional pattern on the last day of the month.
For January, our paid for subscribers will receive the sewing pattern for this sports top on the 31st of January

In addition to these 5 patterns, paid for subscribers will receive a pack of 5 sewing patterns on the 25th of every month.
On 25th January our subscribers will receive the following sewing patterns:
Basic Runners Shorts
Runner’s slip on belt
Merri dress
Runner’s ¾ Pants
Ladies Fashion Tank Top
These patterns will be made available to purchase individually on the 26th of every month from $1.99 per pattern – whereas subscribers pay from $1.99 per month for ALL 5 patterns (plus the additional other 5 patterns) – a HUGE bonus! SIGN UP TODAY!

This week’s pattern for subscribers

Sew your own Runner’s Wrist Weights
Since we are busy designing a brand new fitness range (you will have noticed this month’s sewing pack is full of basic workout wear, easy to make for beginner sewists), we decided to launch a very different sewing pattern this Friday coming. A sewing pattern for runner’s wrist weights. Great for training.
Make sure to SIGN UP TODAY to make sure you receive this pattern this Friday!

Tutorial of the week

Sports sleeves

Whether you're planning on starting an early morning run, and want to keep warm or if you have tattoos you want to protect from the sun while be active outdoors, then sports sleeves might just be the solution for you

What you need:

1 meter / 1 yard good quality lycra
Sewing thread to match
Pattern tissue to trace pattern onto
1 meter / 1 yard of 1cm / 3/8” wide plastic / silicone see –through ribbon (the type use in creating lingerie)

Steps / Details:

Your Pattern
  • Measure the length of the top of your arm, around the height where you want your sleeve to sit. Draw a line of this width on your pattern tissue.
  • Measure the length of your sleeve. Add 1.5cm / 3/8” to this length. On your tissue paper, at the centre point of your last line, at a 90 degree angle, draw another line of this new measurement.
  • Measure around your wrist, at the end of your last line drawn, draw out this line.
  • Draw two additional lines, matching up the opposite corners
Your sleeve – make sure to use a stretch stitch setting
  • Using your newly made pattern, cut out your fabric
  • Right sides facing, stitch closed the side seam with a 1cm / 3/8” seam allowance – note that we didn’t add a seam allowance in the measurements, this is because you want you lycra sleeve to fit as tightly as possible. Overlock / serge seam for neatness (If you don’t have an overlocker / serger, you can create a French seam)
  • At the wrist, fold fabric inwards by 5mm / 1/8”, stitch and press flat. Fold over a second time by 5mm / 18”, stitch and press flat.
  • At the top of the arm, fold the fabric inwards by 5mm / 1/8” stitch and press flat.
  • Measure a length of the plastic / silicone ribbon, the same as your top arm measurement less 2.5cm / 1”. Place along the inside of the top of the sleeve, along the seam, and using a medium size zigzag stitch, stitch it into place. This will help to prevent your sleeve from falling down while you wear it.
Your sports sleeves are now ready to wear! Enjoy and...

Happy Sewing!

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