Thursday, September 15, 2016

We have officially launched NonStopCraft

Yay! We recently launched our own website, packed full of crafting patterns for knitting, sewing, embroidery, coloring in pages and soon crochet patterns too. Pop onto the site and have a look as well as take advantage of our very awesome launch special

Patterns of the week

This week we are all about bags, check out our growing collections of bags of all kinds.

 We will take your favourite images, and transform them into cross stitch patterns for you, and you can use them to decorative your home, and make them as gifts for those you love.
  1. An image, showing how your embroidery will look
  2. A Pattern showing the breakdown of stitches (black and white legend)
  3. A DMC color chart to assist you in choosing the right colors
Not only that, we will give you at least two different embroidery options, that will vary slightly in color and stitch options, so that you have both an easier and more difficult version of the embroidery pattern. 
The best part, it will be sent to you digitally, to be stored on your home computer, and printed whenever you need it, with just 3 short days.
For more information, click on the images below

Happy Sewing!

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