Tuesday, October 3, 2017

My Minor Meltdown

I love to sew, and being a third generation seamstress, it’s in my genes. So it is no surprise that I studied fashion after school.
I also have this inner entrepreneurial drive, which is why I wanted to start my own sewing pattern business full time.  That and I also love working from home, where I can surround myself with my family (of the two and four legged kind) – including our blind puppy that we adopted.
Our nine adopted fur “kids” are almost a full time job on their own, which I don’t mind. I am determined to live a life where I fill my space and time with things that I truly love, and that brings me joy.
Achilles our blind greyhound puppy

I’ve tried several approaches over the past few years to grow my business, after all I have a home to look after, bills to pay and hungry mouths to feed, but at times it feels as though I haven’t had much luck in making headway. And if it hasn’t been for the amazing love and support of my wife, I’m not sure if I would have made it this far.
During September you may have noticed that I went very quiet, and not a new sewing pattern was in sight (which is very unlike me). The truth is, I have designed an entire range that I have been working on launching, but when September came along, I just couldn’t anymore.
Over the past year, with extensive advertising, new product approaches, and new sewalongs, and working 12 hour days most days, I quite literally worked myself into exhaustion. I love creating sewing patterns for you, my followers (of which I currently have a couple thousand of). I put my heart and soul into my work, bringing you new designs and sew-alongs, but every month I make little more than a few dollars from my sewing patterns – which is disheartening – and well last month I was very disheartened to say the least, and I found that well, I just couldn’t.
I couldn’t get up and face my PC to design new patterns, or my fabric stash to dig out a forgotten treasure (a favorite past time) or to sit in front of my sewing machine to bring it all together. I think this is something we all go trough at times, especially when life tells us that something needs to change.
It’s now October, and I’ve done a lot of soul searching. For me the answer is always, the same, I love my work and quite honestly, I don’t want to give it up. Perhaps I had been acting “too big for my pants” trying to look bigger than I am (In truth this business is just me, little old me. And I do everything from design to creation, to being the camera woman, film editor, graphic designer... and of course the dreaded admin department).
So I came up with two conclusions – firstly I’m going to give my business a fresh look and have another “good go at it” in a manner of speaking, so you will see that all my branding will now change back to my brand name only, and my site will now be (no extra frills) – I’m just going to be real, and myself, and nothing more. I’m stripping myself down to the bare bones if you will – and exposing my core to you
The second conclusion, well it’s more a solution really. I know you, my fans enjoy my work I’m always getting positive feedback, and my YouTube subscriptions are starting to take off – and I want to keep bringing you brand new patterns, bettering my skills and quality of my work as I do so. However, I can’t continue to do this for little to nothing, so my solution has been to do something that many other creative artists already do.
If you like my work and sewing patterns, and you wish to continue receiving them free every week in my newsletter, it would seem unfair of me to stop sharing them with you – but please feel free to help make my day better by “buying” me a cup of coffee (I love coffee).
How it works – you can scan the QR code in the image or click on the link to find out more about it, and by “buying me a cuppa” you are sending $5 dollars my way to help me to continue to do my work – and $2 from every “cuppa” does go into the HeartFund to assist animal rescue organisations that I support.

or follow the link: 
But the best part of it all, is that it allows me to continue to do the work that I so love to do.
So here’s to starting a fresh, better path together...

Happy Sewing

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